The board of NSM is elected for a three year period at the Nordic Conference which takes place every third year.

The current board

Leif Stenberg, chairperson
Leif Stenberg is a Professor in Islamology and Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University. Stenberg’s main research interest concerns contemporary interpretations of Islam, Sufism, Muslims in Europe, Islamism and discussions on the relationship between Islam and modern science.

Susanne Olsson - Södertörn University
Susanne Olsson is associate professor in the study of religions at Södertörn University, specializing in Islamic Studies. Her research focuses on contemporary reinterpretations of Islam and the fragmentation of authority, including hermeneutical and juridical perspectives.

Jon Nordenson -


Liv Tønnesen – CMI
PhD in political science from the University of Bergen. Her research focuses on the intersection between Islam, politics and gender. She has a track record from the Middle East and northern Africa with long term stays in Sudan, Lebanon and Syria.

Ehab Galal – CCRS
Assistant Professor and PhD in Modern Islam and Middle East Studies, Department of Cross Cultural and Regional Studies at University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Galal’s main research interest concerns Media in the middle East and Audience Reception Analysis, Islamic media, ethno-religious identity politics and gender studies.

Dietrich Jung – SDU
Professor and Head of Department at the Center for Contemporary Middle East Studies, University of Southern Denmark. He holds a MA in Political Science and Islamic Studies, as well as a Ph.D. in Political Science from University of Hamburg, Germany and has large field experience in the Muslim world. He has published numerous scholarly articles on causes of war, peace and conflict studies, political Islam, modern Turkey and on conflicts in the Middle East.

Hannu Juusola – Helsinki
Hannu Juusola is Professor of Semitic Languages and Cultures at the  University of Helsinki. He is responsible for modern Middle Eastern studies as well as for Semitic and Jewish Studies at the Department of World Cultures. His current research interests are related citizenship, secularization and democracy in the ME.

Pekka Tuominen – Helsinki/CMES
Doctoral Candidate from the University of Helsinki, Social and Cultural Anthropology, currently visiting researcher at CMES. My principal research interests are urban change in Istanbul, anthropology of spatiality and boundaries and issues related to morality and belonging.