In Odense, there is ample hotel capacity in the city centre no matter taste or budget.
For the four hotels displayed here, SDU has made reservations which can be booked until
21 August 2016.

Radisson Blu Hotel, from 925 dkk/€ 125
Hotel Plaza, 750 dkk/ € 101
Hotel Ansgar, 625 dkk/ € 84
Hotel CabInn, 540 dkk/ € 73

Please do not book directly with the Hotels.
There is a discount if you make the reservations through the University.

A reservation form with price information is available here Nordic_Hotels
Please fill in the form and send it directly to the accommodation office of SDU

We have arranged a shuttlebus to the university in the morning and back to the city centre hotels after the conference programme is over.

If you need to go between the city centre and the university at any other time you can use Bus 41 and 42 (18 min. busride).