PhD Workshop 2015

2015 Modernities and Subjectivities: Social Transformations in the Middle East and the Muslim World

PhD workshop at the University of Venice, September 21-25, 2015.The Nordic Society for Middle Eastern Studies and the Italian Society for Middle Eastern Studies (SeSaMO) invite PhD candidates or recent PhDs from the Nordic countries and Italy to a PhD workshop in Venice. The workshop will bring together PhD candidates, scholars from Nordic and Italian universities and invited guests working on subjects about the Middle East and the broader Muslim world. The workshop consists of lectures by the participating scholars and the presentation of the research projects of the accepted candidates. The theme of the workshop is to analyze and discuss social transformations in the Middle East and the Muslim world through the analytical prisms of multiple modernities and the formation of modern subjectivities. In this way, the workshops aims at developing further the participant’s knowledge on the region, their analytical skills and the individual research projects in which they are involved. Moreover, the workshop serves to enhance the collaborative network among Nordic scholars and universities.

Societies in the Middle East and the broader Muslim world are as everywhere under constant transformation. While this transformation often has been understood as one from tradition to modernity, this workshop will perceive it as an inherent part of modernity. Instead of interpreting Muslim societies as becoming modern we will discuss them as engaged in a struggle about the “authentic” representation of Middle Eastern and Muslim modernities. Consequently, we will observe the formation of modern subjectivities and contemporary institution building in the Middle East and the Muslim world as an inherent part of global modernity.

The PhD workshop addresses PhD candidates and recent PhDs currently working on projects connected to political, economic and cultural transformations that represent social processes of establishing “authentic” forms of Muslim modernities. In particular welcome are projects that deal with modern institution building in Muslim societies and the related formation of modern subject cultures in the realms of politics, economics, education and the arts. In addition studies with a focus on gender, class and life style issues are welcome.

At the workshop in Venice participants are requested to present an academic paper of about 15 000 characters. The paper should relate to the students ongoing PhD work or be an outline of a paper for recent PhDs. The papers should reflect the overall theme of the workshop. Professors participating in the workshop: Mervat Hatem, Dietrich Jung, Hannu Juusola, Matteo Legrenzi, Kristine Sinclair, Leif Stenberg, Bjørn Olav Utvik and Morten Valbjørn.

In order to apply for the workshop in Venice applicants should send a brief CV of no more than 200 words and an outline of their papers of no more than 3000 characters to no later than January 25, 2015. Applicants will be informed about the result February 10, 2015.

The Nordic Society and the Italian Society will cover the costs for accommodation and meals during the workshop to selected participants from the Nordic countries and Italy. The workshop is also co-sponsored through the Modern Muslim Subjectivity project by a grant of VELUX Foundation.

For more details and information contact

The Nordic and the Italian Societies for Middle Eastern Studies

the Arsenale in Venice

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