Conferences, Ph.D. Courses, Workshops

NSM Conference

NSM is an independent association for researchers in the Nordic countries who work on the Middle East and the Islamic World, and covers all subjects in the humanities and social sciences, from antiquity to the present day. The triennial Nordic conference on Middle Eastern studies is the main Nordic forum for contemporary academic research in this field.


NSM organises a Nordic and international conference every three years. The conference is open to all scholars in Middle Eastern studies in the humanities and social sciences.
NSM has previously organised the following Nordic conferences:

  • 1989: Uppsala, Sweden (Founding conference)
  • 1992: Copenhagen, Denmark (The Middle East: Unity and Diversity)
  • 1995: Joensuu, Finland (Ethnic encounter and culture change)
  • 1998: Oslo, Norway (The Middle East in a globalized world)
  • 2001: Lund, Sweden (The Middle East: Interpreting the past)
  • 2004: Copenhagen, Denmark (Europe and the Middle East: An entente cordiale?)
  • 2007: Helsinki, Finland (The Middle East: Diversity – Variation – Interpretation)
  • 2010: Bergen, Norway (Middle Eastern Connectivities)
  • 2013: Lund, Sweden (Everyday Life in the Middle East)
  • 2016: Odense, Denmark (Formations of Middle Eastern Subjectivities – Cultural Heritage, Global Structures and Local Practices)

PhD Courses

Every third year, the Nordic Society for Middle Eastern Studies arranges a PhD course or workshop in some of its focal areas, inviting Nordic PhD and advanced Master students to come together, exchange ideas and present papers on their recent research, partake in excursions and attend lectures of internationally renowned experts and scholars.